The Rising Tide Society  is a ‘community of creatives for creatives.’  It started with a group of like-minded friends gathered together discussing the challenges and isolation that comes along with being a creative entrepreneur and developed into an international society. The objective of this amazing group is to promote ‘community over competition’ and inspired by JFK’s quote, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

There are currently over 400 local chapters internationally and meet the second Tuesday of the month. Appropriately named, Tuesdays Together.  A good friend of mine and I recently decided to take over our Sacramento chapter as our current leader started a new and time consuming job. We gather once a month for coffee and a chat. It’s a chance to join with one another, talk about ideas, goals and issues surrounding our unique work situation. To help kick start our conversations, each month The Rising Tide Society provides us with new topic, such as finances, social media skills or organization. But for me, the beauty of our Tuesdays Together is the real life connections I can make in an often secluded situation. It’s an opportunity to learn from my peers, share knowledge and support each other.

Honestly, I spend a lot of time in my jammies with a coffee behind my computer. Kind of like, RIGHT NOW. I edit, I reach out to clients, edit more, work on my social media, blog, etc etc. I’m a definite people person. I’m an ENFP and if you don’t know what that is, take a personality quiz right here. Bottom line, I need to be around people and I need to connect face to face. This is a perfect opportunity to meet other like minded creative people in my area. To connect, inspire and support.

Are you making a living as a creative entrepreneur in the Sacramento area? Are you needing to get out from behind your computer and build relationships with other like- minded people?  Do you support the idea of ‘community over competition?’ Come check us out.  Here’s a link to our group and where you can find out what  Tuesdays Together Sacramento  is all about.

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