I came across a Staghorn Fern on Pinterest and I fell in love.  I enjoy bringing the outdoors in and these kind of have a ‘mounted deer’ vibe without the sad eyes. Our bedroom just got a coat of fresh white paint and I was wanting to bring some lush, green elements into our room. There are a few good YouTube tutorials too on how to mount these cool little plants.  They need to be in a bright environment but without direct sun. Staghorns seem to be pretty easy to maintain and just need to be soaked about once a week. Maybe a mist here and there. I used a treated wood in an effort to cut down on mildew. Cedar should work well too.  To get started get everything you need together…

  • A wooden board ( I used a box I found at Ross and broke it apart to have two boards)
  • Bowl or plate for tracing ( I skipped this because I don’t care if it’s perfectly round)
  • Hammer
  • Nails (stainless or galvanized to prevent rust)
  • Florist Wire or coated wire
  • 1 potted staghorn fern
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • A picture hanger if needed ( I didn’t need one this time since my box lip had a ‘lip’)

Get your materials ready while you soak your Sphagnum Moss . You’ll want to soak it while you’re arranging the nails etc.

When nailing in your nails, make sure they’re pretty evenly spaced to a half circle and sticking out far enough you can wrap wire around them. I used small nails with the bigger head. Make your circle about 2-3 inches wider than your root ball. I don’t think they have to be perfect since the moss will cover them.

Knock off your extra dirt and loosen the roots.

Squeeze extra water out your moss and lay it on your board, kind of making  a little pocket at the bottom to set your plant. I was making two at a time and this board is the top from the box while the other is the back. I put down a layer of moss, then the plant, then more moss on top. 

Wrap your wire around one nail several times and then start criss crossing back and forth making sure you hit each nail. Keep going until you’ve wrapped around each nail and the moss and plant is secure. Wrap around your final nail several times before clipping your wire.

And voila! Here’s our cute little plant, ready to hang. Easy peasy.

I paired it with a cool basket I found at Ross too. I added a little bit of moss and an air plant. Now I’ll see how I do keeping it alive!  Happy DYI.