Or as we like to also say, ‘We’re going Bali to the wall (ie) …. so much rhyming, so little time. We’re dumb like that. Har Har.

Traveling to Bali, specifically Ubud, has been a dream of mine for over 25 years. Since meeting a vendor at a market in Sebastopol, CA in the early 90’s who traveled to Bali and brought back her wares, I’ve been intrigued by the beauty, the culture and the art.

Jim and I celebrated our silver anniversary and we decided to honor it here in gorgeous Indonesia.  We’re traveling with our good friends, Chuck and Jenny who are also celebrating 25 years!

We started with a few days in Singapore and then flew an additional 2 hours to Denpasar. It’s a feast for the eyes with hustle and color and temples galore.  My head was on a swivel trying to take everything in. From ladies carrying bunches of bananas on their heads to motor bikes covered in chicken cages, it’s not like anything I’ll ever see in Roseville! We traveled straight to the spiritual mecca of Ubud and are staying a week at the Capung Sakti Foundation house. 100 percent of proceeds go to providing medical care to the needy. It’s a beautiful little villa set in the jungle with a pretty pool and very friendly service.

We’ve gone to the Sacred Monkey Forest, have seen traditional Balinese dancing, experienced Babi Guling, gone to the Sacred water temple, gone to a waterfall, eaten the best banana pancakes ever and shopped in the Ubud market.

We have a lot more to do and see and I wake up excited every morning to see what the day holds. Today on the menu, pool time and massages!



bali blog 9

Streets of Denpasar

bali blog 10

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This beautiful woman brings daily blessings.

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cute, cute, cute baby monkey with mama

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Little rascal monkey trying to get into Jim’s backpack.

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Monkey family grooming .

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Sacred Monkey Forest temple

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Sacred water temple

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This cute guy REALLY wanted to sell Jim a fan.

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Tegenungan waterfall

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Traditional Balinese Dancers at the Ubud Center

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Famous Warung Babi Guling… amazing pork with crispy skin.

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