I say  “SlingShot” and family because thats how I know them. I played roller derby with Sling. Her husband is Mr. Sling and the girls have always been Sling’s girls. haha. So, Sling contacted me to do a family photo before her husband left for Japan. He’s in the Marines and was home for a short visit. Of course getting them in right away was really important to me. Families with a member leaving for duty really tug on my heartstrings. I’m always amazed by the strength of these families…those leaving and those that stay behind.  We were supremely lucky to get a break in the rain. We met at our location in downtown Roseville, one of my favorite places to shoot.  After a quick little pep talk… you know the one…. have fun, get close, don’t be shy etc. I started snapping away. Realizing after I started, no pep talk was needed. This is a family with a lot of affection for one another. Very comfortable and so fun to photograph. Check out a couple samples from our session. ADORE.