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    LIFE. PASSION. ADVENTURE. JOY. Standing beneath streams of golden light, he’s telling you a secret, your arms are wrapped around his neck and that secret results in a burst of wide open LAUGHTER. This is my goal as a photographer, to constantly seek moments of beauty in light, color and emotion......to capture your colorful life.

    As a result of my love for people and art, I graduated from Sonoma State in 1993 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in ART. Living with my husband in Northern California, we’re recent empty nesters, resulting in two over-indulged, naughty hound dogs who enjoy running our show.

    Tell me about yourself... Are you a hard-working mama, putting everyone before yourself and needing a reminder of who you are; a little glimpse back into that inner SPARKLE? Perhaps you have a vision your family cuddled up on a blanket in a grassy, sun dappled field, knowing these moments together are so, so fleeting, wanting to remember things that are SIMPLE and pure. Are you starting your new life with THE ONE that gets your heart beating fast, who will one day know you to your core and be your biggest fan anyway? Write me a little note, share your vision and together we’ll help you REMEMBER. DISCOVER. CAPTURE.

Brittany, a Rocklin senior, has a smile that will light up a room! But of course, the first thing you’ll probably swoon over is her hair! That hair! She’s as smart as she is beautiful and an incredible athlete too. This girl is the whole package and the world is at her fingertips! Her already amazing look was enhanced by one of my favorite make up artists,  Leslie Ryan .

We headed out to Folsom Lake which is always a year round great place for photos. With giant oaks, colorful trees, and a beachy vibe, I love photographing here as I can achieve so many looks in one place. If you’re shooting professionally though, don’t forget you’ll need a permit.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this amazing young woman! Love you ‘Britters’!! <3

senior portraits

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This magical, amazing wedding took place at Oak Farm Vineyards in Northern California and was a photographer’s dream! A beautiful property surrounded with miles of vineyards. A barn! And the sweetest, most in love couple with a beautiful family. Stephanie and Bryan tied the knot last Fall on a sunny, gorgeous day.

I’m not going to lie, one of my most favorite parts of the day was when Steph wanted to put on her skates for a few photos. As a former derby girl, this was a special moment for me.  A bride on skates??? Yes, please! Isn’t she adorable!? And talented! Skates with a long dress is no easy task.

Their first look was a priceless moment occurring in a barn filled with twinkle lights. Bryan’s reaction to seeing Stephanie for the first time was a tear jerker, the surprise and joy on his face… so sweet.

Much love and many blessings to you two!

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Not like in crazy AND beautiful… just super beautiful on the inside and out. And very talented. If you need a makeup artist in the Sacramento area, Christi Reynolds is your woman! She’s one of the top rated artists in the area, even teaching her own work-shops and selling her own make up line.  We started working together about 8 years ago and became instant friends AND we’re birthday twins which is why I believe she’s my shorter, blonder, younger, sassy twin. I photographed her last year and can’t believe I’ve never blogged these beautiful images of her. I joined a blogging challenge and am committed to blogging once a week. It’s been fun and encourages me to revisit some of my favorite sessions. This is definitely one of them.

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Building relationships with my clients and ultimately becoming friends is one of the biggest perks of my work. Being a family photographer means I get to bear witness to the milestones and joys of your life. What better way to document a new blessing in your family than in your own home? The comfort of your family room, in the baby nursery you so beautifully created, and with the presence of your family pet (fur baby). Corie and Obie joined this wonderful family together and I feel so blessed that I’ve been there along the way, making sure they have tangible artwork and heirloom reminders of their amazing creation. Congratulations to the whole family on the new addition of Madeyln!



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This incredible and amazing Santa Cruz wedding at Nestledown was a photographer’s dream!  Jake and Nicole chose a beautiful venue in the Santa Cruz mountains; surrounded by giant redwood trees, a pond, meadows and magical elements at every turn. It was a breath-taking moment watching Nicole decend over 60 stairs down a forest trail. With her dad by her side, Nicole headed toward the love of her life to say ‘I do’. They released butterflies during their ceremony and were picked up by a vintage taxi afterwards.

Nestldown is a 180-acre property that was originally designed and developed for the owners and their family use, with the goal of offering a special space for the non-profits benefitting disadvantaged or disabled individuals or those in crisis and transition. Once a working fruit ranch at the turn of the century, the property was also the location for the Summit area grade school. It is a private family retreat nestled among the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains and surrounded by acres of carefully tended flower gardens and orchards. Nestldown is an especially beautiful escape from the everyday world. Nestldown has over seven acres of landscaped lawns and gardens, as well as 35 acres of working orchards producing peaches, apples, kiwis and other fruits. The grounds also offer a full tennis court and baseball field. Children will delight in the Fantasy Garden and Cottage, a furnished children’s playhouse that is guarded by topiary sculptures and carrousel animals. (information about Nestledown copied from site)


We were so grateful to you both! Thank you for including us in such an incredible celebration. Much love and happiness to you both always!!


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